Need Sleep

Rory and Caleb (our dogs) decided it would be fun to stay awake all night and make as much noise as possible. Initially, we put their rambunctious behaviour down to the fact that they got their flea treatment, heartworm chew and drontal all-wormer tablets last night. Thought the sudden influx of chemicals might have made them hyperactive. We entertained that notion until 4am, when I got up and check the symptoms of Drontal OD and it listed lethargy. We tried locking Rory in her crate, but she just banged on the door until out of desperation we threw both dogs outside. That worked for about 40 minutes, until they started barking. I ended up getting up around 4am and tried to occupy the dogs so that they would be quiet and Lela could sleep. Around 5am, I decided that a really long walk might wear them out. So the dogs and I walked around the block numerous times and watched the sun rise (I never want to do that again). Caleb decided to make friends with the scary creep guy lurking on the corner. I must teach him to at least try and act disinterested in people. I would like some people to fear attacking me because of him, especially at 5:15am. An hour later we arrived home cause I was exhausted, the dogs were still on the go though. I opened the front door and simply sat in front of it, this caused Caleb to join me and Rory having no one to go crazy with also joined us. Things were quiet for a blissful 5 minutes, until a cat appeared at our gate. Peace shattered.

The reason for the dogs going psycho is that once again there is a problem with the structural integrity of our fence, this time on the side of our male neighbour. The fact is that the fence is crap and falling apart due mainly cause the previous owners of the neighbour’s house decided to rip it up and then couldn’t afford to replace it so simply put it back. Pallings are coming loose, but they are all on the neighbour’s side. We had a huge discussion with him about this problem when he complained that the dogs were breaking in to his yard about a year ago. He told us that he couldn’t afford to do anything about it, cause buying a few nails and hammering the loose boards back in is so damn expensive. So there is now a semi-concealed gap where two pailings have fallen out, and Rory was going psycho trying to discover a way out. At 7am this morning, I did my best to repair it so at least Rory couldn’t see through to the neighbour’s yard and I put up a few barriers so she couldn’t try knocking out the pailings.

Rory is just a persistent beagle. When she sees something she wants almost nothing will stand in her way of getting it. This is a great trait in a hunting beagle, but truly terribly in a suburban beagle. Caleb will get himself all excited cause Rory is excited. This in turn gets Rory more excited and it all ends up as a vicious circle.

It is 8:30am and the dogs still seem to have heaps of energy whilst I am barely keeping my eyes open. I am just praying that they will crash out soon so that I can get some sleep as well.

The gods be praised!! It is now 8:45am and Caleb is now lying quietly next to me whilst Rory is lying on the couch debating whether or not to go to sleep. I love sleeping puppies.


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