I have finished my father’s birthday present – all that is left is to frame it. I have also finished the cross-stitching on my mother’s birthday present, but still have to make it up into a scissor keep, which I am hoping to get done this afternoon.
Photos are here if anyone is interested.
My father’s birthday present is entitled Serenity and is listed in the Finished Works Album, whilst my mother’s scissor keep is in the WIP album, even though the cross-stitching is all done.

I am feeling much more relaxed as I was getting very stressed that I would not finish them on time. I could see myself up all night on Sunday night trying to get them ready to be posted on Monday.

Still haven’t been to bed though… amazing what I can accomplish on 2 hours sleep. I even walked up the local shopping centre to buy a frame for my dad’s present and to get my drugs. I just love getting my anti-depressants from the chemists. Really enjoy the staff looking at me like I am some mental case. I guess today I actually looked like it.


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