Singing in the Rain

Another really, really quiet day at work – just one bath and one groom in and I got them both out by 1pm. We decided since it was so quiet to x-ray the kitten’s leg to see what exactly was wrong with it. We misjudged the kitten’s weight so the sedation wasn’t very effective at all. Ending up having to tape the kitten’s legs to the x-ray board to keep him still. Then after all the x-rays were done, the little bugger fell asleep. Typical. The x-rays revealed that nothing was broken, but there is some radial nerve paralysis, so he will most probably have to lose his leg. Catriona is seriously considering keeping him to join her other three legged cat Maude, whilst Kerri was debating keeping him as a clinic cat – apparently we need a clinic cat. This was a shock coming from Kerri as she is usually the first one to suggest euthanising stray kittens. I am sure whatever we decide he is going to have a great home.

Kerri came in early, so after discussing what a boring day we had, I left to try and beat the storm home. When I reached Stanmore station, the sky was a black-green color and there was lots of lightning about, but no rain. Stupidly, I didn’t get my umbrella out, instead I put in my earphones, turned up the radio and started to walk home. I got about 500m up the road when a wall of rain came rushing down the street towards me. I have never seen a wall of rain before, and I am not sure I want to see one again. I made it to a tree and sought some semi-shelter whilst I went fishing around in my bag for my umbrella. The umbrella lasted about 10 minutes in the torrential rain and gusty winds before half of it collapsed. By that time, I was completely soaked to the skin – I might not have had an umbrella in the first place. The roads started to flooded and at one point I had to wade across the street avoiding the mini rapids that had formed. The footpaths on Illawarra Road had completely flooded. Nothing like wading through ankle deep water and feeling it rush into your shoes.
When I got home, I bypassed the bedroom and went straight to bathroom to strip off my wet clothes and have a shower. My poor shoes are now full of paper towels in a vain attempt to dry them.
Thank god this happened on the way home from work and not on the way there.


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