Work was completely and utterly dead today. There were no hospital patients and no grooms. However, there was lots of cleaning that had been neglected in our period of madness to be done. Brannoslow was at work today and was wandering aimlessly around the treatment room when I arrived at work. I decided to run a mini-test to see how long it would take for him to ask me if there was anything needed doing. So, I basically pulled apart the treatment room and scrubbed every inch of it. Two hours later, I was still the mad cleaning woman and Brannoslow was still wandering aimlessly around watching me work, but doing nothing himself. What normal sane person would watch someone work for two hours without asking if there was anything they could do? He ended up wandering around for 4 hours doing nothing before he went home. I think that must be some kind of record.

Anyway, bitching aside, today was a fairly easy day. It was nice to have some downtime.
We do actually have one patient in hospital – a small 8 week old kitten with a badly broken front leg. He has no deep pain sensation, so the leg needs to be amputated. I am not sure if the people who brought him in want to keep him and pay for the vet work. If not, he will be euthanised. I am wondering if tomorrow is as dead as today, I can convince Catriona to do the surgery regardless. Surely someone would adopt a three legged kitten. I am just tired of killing animals – there has been way too many euthanasias lately.


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