Fun and Games

It has been fun and games at my house this morning. Got up, saw Lela off to work and then the dogs and I began our normal morning routine of breakfast. I thought it was odd that Rory was nowhere to be seen, but just figured she was taking care of business in the backyard. However, when I went to serve breakfast Rory wasn’t waiting impatiently in her crate, nor was she anywhere in the house. It was then I noticed the hole in our back fence where two pailings had fallen over. It was perfect size for a small beagle to get through. I grabbed a lead, Rory’s collar and Caleb and headed off to the community centre that backs onto my back fence. Fortunately Rory was still exploring the community centre and hadn’t gone exploring the main road. She decided to be extremely hard to catch for about 20 minutes, but eventually I had a collared beagle on the lead and we all walked back home. I shut the dogs inside and went to work trying to put up something in front of the fence to keep the beagle in the yard. This was a very hard thing to do cause not only was there a massive pine tree in the way, but so was our compost heap. I thought I had rigged up, but it didn’t stand up to a beagle intent on getting out. After lots of ICQ messaging with Lela, I called the community centre to see if they could help and had a nice rant to them about how our real estate agent wasn’t being very co-operative which is why there was still a large tree resting on the fence. They told me that the caretaker could fix our fence this afternoon so I made arrangements to keep the dogs inside for the day. Then I heard the noise of a chainsaw in my backyard. I went to take a look and found two guys from the centre cutting up our tree. After chopping our tree into pieces they went and repaired the fence. I handed two beers over the fence to thank them for all their hard work.

How cool is that!! The Community Centre rocks. They didn’t have to come in and cut up my tree, nor did they have to really rush to repair my fence, as it isn’t their fault. But they did, and on a day when it is so humid you can’t breath without breaking into a drenching sweat. It is truly a horrible sticky icky day here.

I got an email message from the real estate agent saying that a tradesperson will contact me today. Well, I guess I still need someone to move the bits of tree out of my backyard. Pity I don’t have a wood fire as the tree would make excellent firewood.

EDIT: The tradesman from the real estate agent just arrived and is now moving the tree to the front of our property for removal. I feel so popular. :) Howerver, I am now running late for work and can’t leave until the tree has been moved. Oh well.


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