Quotes from the Nerd Squad

Spent Australia’s national day roleplaying. I am not entirely sure it is a very Australian thing to do, especially since all our RP characters are American, but it was fun. It was only supposed to be a short game to wrap up our current campaign before moving on to a new gaming system, but it ran for about 5 hours. One hour of that was spent debating if a character should go back to the hotel and get a new pair of pants as his current ones were covered in blood. Ahhh, the joys of roleplaying.

Here is a whole lot of quotes from today.

Vron: I’m so going to run an adventure where male virgins are sacrificed.
Vron: Don’t underestimate the usefulness of invisible transportation. It worked for Wonder Woman!
Nashwa: That’s okay, I own the media.
Meg: She seconded a Lear Jet. I don’t think a police car is going to be a problem.
Hibbs: I need clean pants.
Bree: Quick! We must spring into action!
Nashwa: You spring into action. I’m going to visit my henchman.
Bree: Why does she get all the nookie?
Nashwa: I’m calling him my driver at this point, because henchman sounds so Machiavellian.
– Where’s Hibbs when you need him?
– He needed pants.
Hibbs: I have pants – can you take me to them?
GM: HIBBS PACKED PANTS! I’m telling you, the man has pants!
GM: The next person to mention that he’s not wearing pants is losing some XP!
Bree: I commandeered the car, I’m driving it.
Nashwa: You didn’t fly the Lear Jet.
(As the evil trio go up in flames)
Hibbs: I’m troubled by this.
Bree: Can you be troubled in the SUV?
GM: Never again will Hibbs be allowed to wear pants.
(The party stumble across a burned girl at the firefront)
– Who is she?
– Is she wearing an amulet?
– Is she naked?
– Does she need pants?
Bree: You didn’t tell me you’d had nookie with the wolf.
Nashwa: I had nookie with the wolf?
Agent Bailey: We can come over for a quick debrief.
Hibbs: No pants?
Bree: Is there anyone not dating Lauren [Jackson] in this universe?
GM: What’re you doing?
Vron: I’m not doing anything. I’m taking one of those player pauses.
Hibbs: Can we not kill the FBI agent?
Agent Bailey: She’ll get you a new [car]. She’s got lots of money.
Nashwa: I hope you’ve got lots of heads!
Nashwa: What are you? Superman’s evil spawn?
Nashwa: You’re what would happen if Superman and Batman exploded in a blender! With Brittany Murphy added for smilie value!
Nashwa: I’m not evil, but you make me want to be.
Bree: Can you not pimp the wolf?
Vron: That’s cruel and unusual punishment to a fellow gamer.
Meg: Which should be encouraged. Unlike Mariah Carey.
Nashwa: I’ve got a vision of love in my head.
Lela: Quickly! Action sequence! … let’s look at rulebooks.
Jaast: Don’t you want to be human again?
Nashwa: Yes, all the time.
Hibbs: And that’s why you’re always going “oh, lucky I’m a vampire or…”
Nashwa: Okay, you’re right. I’m bluffing.
(The PCs are trying to work a spell that depends on swiftly collecting blood from an unwillingly summoned villain)
Nashwa: If only we could work out where the blood would splatter!
Meg: [looking at her FBI Forensic Analyst character sheet] I’ve got three points in Forensics.
Nashwa: I’m gonna get more than blood on me.
GM: Yeah, you’re going to get a liver.
Nashwa: If only I was that kind of vampire. It’d be like raining fairy floss.
Nashwa: At the first sign of danger, Hibbs will probably throw himself on top of you because he has to be all manly-man. Only not that sort of manly-manliness, because he’s not that sort of manly man.
Nashwa: Have you ever seen a wolf lost for words?
Hibbs: Frequently.
Bree: Shoot to kill? She’s in a tree!

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