Cross Stitch Update

Just finished the cross-stitching on my mother’s present. I have to wash it, iron it and then stitch it up and attach the cord and tassel, but all the hard stuff is done. I will post a picture of it after I have washed and ironed it, so you can’t see the beagle slobber on it.
I dragged Lela to the city today to go shopping for new hoops (after Rory ate my last one) and also soft toy stuffing for my mother’s present. Poor Lela she got dragged around two craft stores and had to listen to me babble about patterns.
The front half of my right foot has decided to swell up to about twice its size and become amazingly painful. I guess I am not going to be running any marathons for quite some time, even walking is difficult. Last time this happened I was on crutches for 2 weeks, however, that isn’t an option this time.
Guess I will just have to sit on the couch and do my cross-stitch. :P

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