Work has been well, work. Lots of really late nights trying to get everything finished. Last night I didn’t finish up until 8:45pm. My bosses are going to freak when they see my timesheets. I have done close to 10 hours overtime this week alone. For some strange reason we are getting lots of clients whose animals require lengthy consultations and treatments, and that throws everything out of schedule including cleaning. We still also have lots of animals in boarding that just take up time trying to clean and feed. I will be glad when Todd gets back from holidays and takes his two dogs and two rabbits home. That will at least free up about 45 minutes of my day.

I am starting to get stressed that I won’t finish my parents’ birthday presents on time. Since I am constantly working late, my time to actually sit down and stitch is getting less and less. I am hoping to have my mother’s present finished by this weekend, so I can start on my dad’s.
When I get a spare second, I will post a photo of the work I have done so far.


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