Crappy Day

I had an amazingly bad day today. It was the first day that I had ever lost my temper at work.
The day started off with me being called into work early as we had lots of unexpected grooms come in. I arrived in at work at 11:15am to find nothing much had been done, so I started doing some grooming. Kerri said that she would groom the Giant Schnauzer, Sampson, as he is extremely difficult to groom and can get snappy – and a 40kg snappy dog is not a fun thing to work with. So, I have two other grooms to do… and that is okay. I finish off my first groom without any problems. Then my clippers break, so I am forced to use the crappy ones that barely work on an overgrown poodle thing that doesn’t want to be clipped. I manage to get most of her done but her legs, but figure I might get some help on her later on. Kerri starts on Sampson, but then halfway through gets called away, so I decide to be helpful and try to keep doing him until she comes back. She comes back only to tell me that she is leaving to go swimming at her friend’s house, thus leaving me with not only the impossible Sampson to do, but my own difficult groom as well. I also have to help the locum do two surgeries as well… and both grooms are due out the door in an hour. I try to battle on solo with Sampson, but the damn dog keeps trying to sit down. Brannslow, our creepy rehab worker, just stood there and laughed at me whilst I battled with Sampson. I pretty much lost my temper right there and then, yelled at him, slammed down my clippers and went outside and beat the shit out of some random object. I refuse to now have anything to do with that asshole. You don’t laugh at someone who is struggling to control a dog – you help them! I am going to report him to the owners when they come back from holidays. Not only is he completely incompetent, but he is just a complete prick as well.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I get both dogs done – Sampson’s clip looks absolutely crap, but I honestly couldn’t do any better. I ended up getting out of work 45 minutes late, because the place was a complete mess and feeding the zoo of animals we have in at the moment takes over hour.

I arrived home one very stressed out human being, full of anger – and I just hate being that way. I was just very upset that I went in early to help out and ended up being completely shafted and left doing all the work myself.


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