Plushy Cthulhu

My girlfriend rocks. I had been admiring a plushy toy of Cthulhu for a while now, and she brought it for me, as a surprise gift for no reason whatsoever. I am so amazingly spoilt.
So now, I have a plushy elder god sitting up on the curtain rail above my computer.

Work has been insane the past two days, I have barely had time to stop and think. Mostly it is grooming that takes all my time. However, I have groomed three dogs with no help whatsoever. Usually I need Kerri to finish off the feet and faces for me, but I seemed to have kind of gotten the hang of them.

I took 5 minutes today (while I was waiting for the hydrobath to heat up) to spend some time with the two stray kittens. I feel bad that they are in the isolation ward getting no socialisation at all, but no one really has the time at the moment. One of the kittens is grey with white paws whilst the other one is a black tabby. The grey kitten is extremely skittish and is too scared to really come anywhere near you. The black one however is extremely affectionate. As soon as I enter the room, she is purring loudly like a little outboard motor. She takes every opportunity she can to climb onto my lap for a hug. :)
Ahhh… if only I could have a cat.


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