Back to Work

I headed back to work for the first time this year yesterday…. and Kerri has rearranged the treatment room. I had no idea where anything was, although it looks so much tidier than it used to. My day was pretty normal, had three grooms which all went okay. We have a locum vet in filling in for our normal vets who are both away on holidays. She seems really nice and was quite willing to help out holding my grooms. Because everyone is away, we are taking care of their animals so in my care I have an axolotl, two baby rabbits, two dogs, two stray kittens and a full cat boarding ward. It took me at least two hours to feed everyone last night. Hopefully, I can reduce that time or else I am going to get nothing else accomplished in the evenings.

I also managed to get two hours worth of cross-stitch done yesterday morning, which I was very happy. I am scared that I am not going to finish my parents’ presents in time.


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