New Bed

Lela and I brought a new bed on Sunday and it was delivered today. It is a Sealy Kingston Queen-sized. A beautiful upgrade from our double bed with the sagging springs. Since Lela is still in Canberra (until this evening), I decided to assemble it myself and fortunately escaped the experience with only sore arms. I was certain I was going to drop it on myself or perhaps pin a dog under it.
The bed is not only larger width ways than an old bed, but it is SO much higher. The bed is over twice the size of poor Rory and even Caleb has a bit of a struggle resting his chin on it. This is a good thing though, cause hopefully gone are the days that Caleb would wake you up by standing over you and yawning.
I put on the mattress protector and made up the bed with the new sheets I brought this morning. Then it was time to test out the bed. Caleb and I gave it a definite high approval rating, but I think Rory is very uncomfortable being up that high. I was amazed that she could jump up onto the bed at all, considering that when I sit on the edge of the bed my feet don’t touch the ground, and I am 5’9ft (174cm). It will be interesting to see where, come bedtime, Rory chooses to sleep. I can’t wait until tonight to sleep in my new comfy bed – and also Lela will be back home.


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