Chillin’ with the dogs

Worked some more on my cross stitch today and am now about 70% finished. I am hoping to get it completed by tomorrow. There is something relaxing about sitting on the couch with Rory curled up beside me and Caleb sitting on the armchair – all of us just chilling out and watching Animal Planet and cross stitching. Well I am the only one cross stitching, but Rory and Caleb come over periodically and check out my progress. I think this is Caleb’s dream come true – a human is home all day and Animal Planet is on! He loves watching Animal Planet. Occasionally, he will get very excited by what he is seeing and rushes over to lick the TV screen, especially if there are puppies or kittens on. He simply adores them. I have never known a dog to be so intrigued by TV as Caleb is. This is a dog that sat and watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and got very distressed when Russel Crowe’s character was chased by the psychiatrists. To say he is a visual dog is an understatement.

In other news, Lela has gone to Canberra for three days to visit an old friend, and I am home alone. I gotta survive two nights without my girl snuggled up next to me. I am positive that Rory and Caleb will try to do their best, but it ain’t the same.

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