The Pagan Calendar

Feast of Sekhmet (Egyptian).

This is the festival of Hogmanay in the Medieval traditions. It celebrates Hogmagog, a god or spirit of the sun. Traditional celebrations include various loony behavior patterns, like dressing in animal hides, wearing horns on your head, burning smoky sticks, and at the stroke of midnight, opening all the doors and rattling the silverware.

Also in the medieval traditions, this is the night of first-footing. Men only: this is an opportunity to rack up a store of good luck or karma for the coming year, by being the Footer. You do this by bringing a blessing gift (called a handsel) to the master or mistress of a home or gathering place, just after midnight. There should be three items that symbolize warmth (firewood), wealth (salt), and food (cake). In some villages the Footer also brings an evergreen sprig or a red herring.


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