SPOs, Blood Draws and Kittens

Back at work for another day. Last night, an 8 week old stray kitten was brought in with a large chunk taken out of her thigh caused either by a dog or from being hit by a car and also weakness in the back legs. She was extremely weak, dehydrated, thin and anemic from being covered in fleas. She was given subcutaneous fluids and a dose of flea prevention. She made it through the night and this morning, we gave her a warm bath and more fluids. The bath water was blood red from all the fleas on her – it was incredible, I have never seen them so bad. After her bath, she was feeling much happier and got stuck into her breakfast with great gusto. Her back legs still aren’t great, but she is still incredibly weak and is doing a lot of sleeping, which is good. Apparently, last night, she was hissing at everyone, but this morning she laid quietly in my arms and tried to playfully bat my face with her front paws. Hopefully, she will continue to recover.

Today,for the first time ever, I managed to take a blood sample from not one, but two dogs. I am way too proud of myself, but it has been annoying me that I haven’t been able to do it. I still need lots of practice to become anywhere near competent at doing it, but it was a tiny step in the right direction.
SPO cames in today, one hour late for his appointment, with his 9 year old GSD. The GSD last went to the vet 9 years ago for his puppy vaccinations. The poor dog is not only suffering from arthritis, but has had an ear infection for the past 4 years! However, that isn’t the reason they brought him in, the arthritis was, apparently the dog isn’t being active and is shaking. The SPO complained about the cost of everything and freaked out when we said that we would be able to desex the dog, vaccinate it, test for heartworm and flush out the ears for roughly $500. The SPO actually had the gall to complain that this was too much. It isn’t likely that he has spent anything on the dog in its life – so $500 isn’t a lot to ask in my opinion, especially when the SPO runs a successful restaurant. We managed to convince the owner to spend some money and book the dog in to have its ears flush out under anesthetic next week. However, the SPO wanted free stuff for bringing his dog in for a consult today. People like this make my blood boil, and the vet spent the next hour ranting about it – I don’t blame her. I really dislike people at times.

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