Vet Nursing Results

I got my results today, and I am pretty happy about them. I imagine I would have gotten all distinctions if I had actually studied. I also got accepted into second year and have enrolled online and paid for that. There goes my $200 bonus plus $600 more… ouch! Fortunately, it is tax deductible as I am undertaking study related directly to my employment.

Senior First Aid Pass (Ungraded)
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Care Credit
Bird Care 1 Pass
Animal Care Introductory Practices Distinction
Veterinary Reception Distinction
Veterinary Medical Nursing Distinction
Veterinary Surgical Nursing 1 Credit
Animal Studies Practical Skills 1 Pass (Ungraded)
Animal Structure & Function Credit
Animal Care Workplace Communication Distinction
Veterinary Anaesthetic Nursing 1 Distinction
Veterinary Clinical Pathology 1 Credit
Veterinary Radiographic Nursing Distinction
Animal Studies Practical Skills 2 Pass (Ungraded)
Dog And Cat Care Distinction By Result Transfer
Animal Care Orientation Pass By Result Transfer

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