Dinner Out

Lela took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my exam results – and also cause we couldn’t be bothered cooking. We went to this gorgeous vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant on Enmore Road. The food was okay, but it was the table and chairs made out of tree stumps that were truly amazing. They looked so ornamental that it almost felt like a crime to sit on them.
After dinner we walked up to King St to have gelato at our favourite place. This time I got green apple, which was to die for, and Lela got Lemon and Rockmelon (I am definitely trying the rockmelon next time). As we sat and ate our gelato, a man with two mastiff dogs came and sat at the table next to us. He brought his dogs a gelato cone each and practically the whole street came to watch the dogs eating them. The owner of the store took photos to put up on his customer wall. :)

I really enjoy walking along King St, it is the one place in Sydney where I feel extremely safe. Since King St is right near the Uni, it is the area I first lived when I moved to Sydney and I have always lived close to it, except when I first moved in with Lela. The community is extremely eclectic from students to gays, goths, punks and families. Surprisingly, there is very little violence and the place has a good vibe to it. You can walk down the street in a ball gown or in your PJs and no one gives a damn, as long as you aren’t causing any trouble. It is also the one place where you are guaranteed to see many lesbian couples, and I like being amongst my ‘own kind’. *grin*
I am feeling very relaxed and happy right now.

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