Tiny Snippets

Went and saw the Incredibles yesterday afternoon in a cinema packed full of small children. I loved the film and the kids were all really well-behaved, I actually forgot that they were all there.

Had to get up early this morning and head to work. Amazingly busy morning with everyone bringing their pets in for vaccinations. I only had to deal with one stupid owner. SPO calls and wants to book his cat in to see a vet as the cat has a cut on its tail. SPO wants the appointment made for Friday. I try to convince him that waiting 3 days to see the vet about a tail injury is not a wise choice. SPO informs me that the cat cut his tail 3 days ago. I tell him in no uncertain terms that the injury needs veterinary attention today and an appointment is made. SPO calls up an hour later and cancels the appointment.
*bangs head on desk*

I took Rory and Caleb into work with me today so that they could have a bath. They were fairly well-behaved. It was only near the end that they started mucking up, mainly scratching on the door to try and get to me. Catriona was trying to convince me to start feeding my dogs Eukanuba. Umm.. no thanks, my dogs will continue on their raw food diet. Dogs feed kibble have a definite odor about them and I don’t want my dogs smelling like that.

I also got a $200 bonus from work *happy dance*. As Lela said, that is half the cost of an iPod. Now I have to decide if I want to buy an iPod or save that money towards my overseas trip. Although, having an iPod would make the flight over a little more enjoyable…

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