I am currently working on my character for the Exalted game that Lela is going to GM. If RPGs bore you, best not read the cut.

The idea I have for my character is a orphaned female thief/assassin who was raised in Bluehaven in the Westland Seas. Orphans in this area are artificially deafened, so that they can kill the troublesome mermaids that sing their siren song and lure men to their deaths. So basically, my character is a deaf thief.
She runs with a gang of similarly aged orphans (late teens) and is employed to either kill mermaids (or anyone else that needs killing) or to steal from rival pirate gangs.
I used the Exalted name generator to come up with a suitable name for her, but I am having trouble choosing. The ones marked with * are the ones I am seriously considering. I like the idea of a seafaring name for her or ones that make reference to her deafness or criminal lifestyle.

Azure River
Cerulean River
Grey Guardian of the Storm
Jade Ocean
Midnight Wolf
*Moonsilver Ocean
Moonstone Storm
Platinum River
River Ghost
River Stealing Sage
Sapphire Wind
*Silent Dawn
*Sorrowful River Serf
Starmetal Storm
*Whispering Midnight

I still haven’t come up a scenario of how she was Exalted. I like the concept of her fighting a deadly battle with a particularly nasty sea demon – something heroic, since her nature is thrillseeker.
I am also still working on a character description, but she has definitely got blue hair. Hmm.. I wonder if there is a design an anime character pic website out there somewhere.
She also has a familiar, but I can’t decide between a black cat or a stray dog – both animals have their advantages and disadvantages.

Ahh, the joys of being a geek.


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