Boxing Day

Had a fairly quiet Boxing Day, which was nice. Lela and I did nothing much during the day except play around on our computers, and watched the first episode of Hex . A TV series that has a lesbian ghost called Thelma can do no wrong. At 4pm, we headed over to Mel and Fiona’s for our group’s ritual Boxing Day get-together. We had a kinda potluck dinner consisting mainly of pasta dishes and swapped secret Santa presents. From my secret Santa I got a book on the history of fingerprints and a basketball desklamp. Someone knows my interests very well. :)
Spent the night playing Munchkin Fu which I got Lela for Christmas and we also broke out Uno.
Sarah called from England to wish us all Merry Christmas – and she has got snow. I am so jealous. I just hope I get a white Christmas when I am in England next year.

For those that have no idea what Boxing Day is, here a history lesson for you.


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