Spent today having lunch at Lela parent’s house. Her mum went all out and prepared a fairly traditional Christmas lunch complete with turkey and cranberry sauce. I adore turkey and cranberry sauce so I was very happy. We also got presents – some gorgeous mugs and a big box of food goodies like chocolate and shortbread. I was totally not expecting presents, cause Lela’s parents are Jewish, but they said it was for Hannukah, so we went with that.
After lunch we took the dogs for a walk and played some pool before heading home.

I am really, really over this flu. Spent the whole lunch sniffing, so much so that Lela’s new nickname for me is Snuffy. I still feel like crap. The only concession is that it’s actually cool. We only made it to 20C today and it was cloudy and raining. I love cold Christmases, they are so much nicer than sweltering in the heat. I am so not a summer person.

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