Opening Presents

Merry Christmas !

After a decent night’s sleep and some morning snuggling, I am finally feeling in the mood for Christmas.  Lela and I swapped Christmas presents in bed, and the dogs opened their gifts from the grandparents and great grandparents.

I was very lucky I got the movie soundtrack for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (it exists!), ‘The Only Broadway CD you will ever need’ (my musical self is very pleased), Return of the King DVD Special Edition and Harry Potter and the Prision of Azkaban DVD.  *bounce*

Lela is currently playing ‘Prince of Persia 2’ whch I got her, so I don’t imagine I am going to see much of her for the next couple of days :)

Rory and Caleb are in houndy heaven as they got plushy polar bears for Christmas plus lots of other goodies.  Caleb has spent this morning bringing his new toys upstairs to the computer room, so he can play with them and still be with us.  I snapped a gorgeous picture of him with *both* the polar bears.

Caleb with his bears

Whilst Rory sulks on the couch

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