Working on Christmas Eve

Got called into work at 9:30am, but I was expecting it. What I wasn’t expecting was to be struck with the flu and have absolutely no real voice to speak of. So, to work I went with a fever, blocked nose, congested lungs and a very sore throat. I somehow managed to groom 4 dogs and a cat on my own, with no help whatsoever. Apparently I kick ass as a groomer when I am grumpy, feverish and just want to curl up on the floor and die. Maybe, I should be a little more aggressive when I groom on the days that I feel human.
Work was pure hell until 5pm when all of a sudden it went quiet and I was able to clean up. Our cat ward is completely booked up with holiday boarders to the point where we have three cats in our isolation ward and two in our hospital ward. If someone wasn’t bringing a cat into board then they were bringing us chocolate, which I must say I appreciated. A rep brought us in some prawns, oysters and champagne for lunch, though I swapped my champagne for a Coke.
It just does not feel like Christmas Eve at all. I am sick, absolutely exhausted and not in the mood for Christmas. However, my feelings might change after a good night’s sleep and the promise of no work at all for the next four days :)

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