Just One Of Those Days

People can really piss me off at time.

Today at work, I had a lady sitting in the waiting room waiting for us to euthanise her aggressive dog. She was upset that the best thing she could do for her dog was kill it – and I don’t blame her, it is a tough decision to make. I had to go out the back to confer with Catriona about something. When I returned to the waiting room, a woman had come in with her three kids, opened the kitten cage and had them all out. WTF! What the hell was going on in her head that it is was okay to open a cage, get them out, and then give them to her bratty children? I really wanted to read her the riot act, but I had a client in the waiting room preparing for the death of her dog, so it really wasn’t appropriate. By the time, we had put the dog down (after it tried to rip my arm off during the procedure), the lady and her kids had gone. It was a pity, I was in the mood for a good yelling. I had to make do with bitching about it to Catriona.

I must have been in a state though, cause Catriona had taken the dog we just euthanised and placed it on the floor of the treatment room. I walked straight past it without noticing and continued working. It wasn’t until Catriona commented on the dog lying in the middle of the floor that I noticed it. Great nurse I am, completely missed the dead dog on the floor. It was just one of those days.

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