I was taking a shower tonight and spied a glass jar of African Salt Rub which exfoliates the skin and just feels glorious to use. So I am madly scrubbing it on my legs when I noticed a river of blood flowing down my leg. I had forgotten that the top of the jar was jagged and sharp and managed to create a small, but deep gash along the side of my left little finger. The thick red blood creating little rivers down my white finger looked amazingly cool. I was very tempted to take a photo of it, but I was in the shower and my camera was upstairs. Besides taking photos of injuries, no matter how interesting they look, is kinda morbid.. right?
Anyway, I got myself out of the shower and put a band-aid on my finger, which I then proceeded to bleed through until it was like the band-aid wasn’t there at all. Hmmm… not good. I got a thick wad of toilet paper and went in search of Lela to show her my boo-boo.
It eventually stopped bleeding and I have a fresh new band-aid on it. However, I am feeling extremely light-headed and kinda faint. I am ashamed of this as the cut is really small. I feel I should have a deep nasty gash along the length of my arm to be feeling this unstable.
I wonder if it will leave a nifty scar like I have on my right little pinkie care of a shatter glass in the sink many years ago. Maybe they will be matching scars. Perhaps I should be more careful around broken glass in future.


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