Parental Christmas Celebrations

I survived the trip to my parents’ for Christmas celebrations. It was fairly civilised actually. A nice brunch with one of my uncles, my aunt, two of my cousins and their kids. No screaming, crying children either – they were really well-behaved and hell, I even played games with them. My niece Codie, aged 7, is still trying to work out Lela and my’s relationship. Today she asked if we lived together. One day I have to explain the terms “girlfriend” and “lesbian” to her.
After brunch, we headed to my Nanna and Parka’s (my mother’s parents) for present swapping and catching up. Lela and I got some thermal shirts for our overseas trip next Christmas.
Then we headed to my parents’ apartment for more present swapping. The big score was a color printer/scanner/fax combo… very nice. I also got a very cool dictionary of herbs, so I can now bore you all to death about herbs. Our dogs also got presents, but we might make them wait until Christmas Day to open them – they get to open their own presents.
On the way back to Sydney, we got caught in a thunderstorm which make the journey slow going, but we finally arrived home.
My home town no longer feels like home. It feels like a place I visited a very long time ago. I know all the places, but they starting to feel alien to me. I guess that proves the old saying that you can never truly go back home – but I prefer it that way.


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