The Pagan Calendar

Two days update as I am not going to be anywhere near a computer tomorrow.

Saturday 18th December
Feast of Epona (Roman), the Celtic horse goddess whose authority extended even beyond death, accompanying the soul on its final journey. She was worshipped throughout entire Gaul, and as far as the Danube and Rome. Her cult was eventually adopted by the Roman army and they spread her worship wherever they went. She was the only Celtic Goddess to be honored by the Romans with a temple in their capital city. Among the Gaulish Celts themselves, she was worshipped as goddess of horses, asses, mules, oxen, and, to an extent, springs and rivers.

Holy Day of Osiris (Egyptian), the god of the underworld, although he was also worshipped as a fertility, resurrection, and vegetation god.

Today is an Egyptian Day, so be careful.

Sunday 19th December

Festival of Ops (Roman), goddess of the earth as a source of fertility, and a goddess of abundance and wealth in general.


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