The Pagan Calendar

Consualia (Roman). This is the festival of Consus, the god of grain. One of the main events during this festival was a mule race (the mule was his sacred animal). Also on this day, farm and dray horses were not permitted to work and attended the festivities.

This is the feast of the goddess Alcyone in the Greek traditions. She is a daughter of Aeolus, a wind god; she’s the goddess of winter storms and icebergs. But paradoxically, Alcyone is also associated with winter calm. Zeus gave her a quiet period to grieve for her slain lover. The Halcyon days, as they are called, are a two-week period surrounding the winter solstice.

Just the same, mind thy footing on the ice, my princess. Today is an Egyptian day. And be careful where you steer that buggy, cousin. This is an unlucky day, according to Amish folk tradition.


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