Giant Tumor

We had a Belgian Shepherd girl come in from the pound for desexing yesterday. When we were preparing her for surgery we noticed this large mass in her abdomen. It was definitely a tumor of some kind, but we were unsure of whether it was an abdominal mass or an ovarian tumor. We placed bets on what it would be. I went for ovarian tumor as I wanted the girl to have a chance of surviving. I was right. However, it was the biggest ovarian tumor my vet has ever since. Its measurements where 12cm x 10cm x 8cm – it was basically the size of your palm span. It took quite a while to extract. Hopefully, the shepherd girl will make a full recovery, she will certainly be feeling better than she has in many years.

Rehab guy was at work again. Gods, he is irritating. I am trying to be patient with him, but it is so damn hard. You explain to him how to do a job and he just doesn’t listen. So you explain again and again. Then he takes forever to do it, or only does half of it before wandering away. All he seems to do is stand in the operating theatre watching surgeries for most of the day. That would be okay if he would actually assist, but no, he doesn’t. He just spends his whole time bumping into the instruments tray and getting in the way. When he isn’t in the OR, he walks around poking the animals in hospital and laughing. I was trying to get the shepherd off the operating table and he comes up, bangs his hand on her feet, laughs and walks away. WTF! He just creeps me out. The only conversation I have ever heard him have with us was about South Africa and about all the violence there. He was talking about rape and murder and then laughing. It was so unsettling that I walked out of the OR.


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