Work Xmas Party

I had my work’s xmas party last night – and it was actually a lot of fun. Most of the night was characterised by moving things inside and then back out again as we fought with the rainy weather. Fortunately, it stopped raining long enough for us to have dinner and dessert outside and for the kids to go crazy on the jumping castle. The Jumping Castle was such a brilliant idea – by 9pm most kids had completely crashed out for the night or else were too tired to cause problems. With enough alcohol on board, some of the adults throughly enjoyed the jumping castle too. We had a blender going most of the night making alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit cocktails. With the fruit left over, we had chocolate fondue. I swear nothing tastes better than banana covered in melted chocolate – although marshmallows come a close second.
We then had the tradition work party games of Celebrity Head and Charades and then distributed presents. The nurses gave the vets a wooden table with chairs to set up in our clinic’s backyard. I got a angel statute candle, some scented candles and a Cat mug. Also I was given the week of January 3rd off, as apparently I need a holiday. Hey, I am not going to argue. :)


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