Water Restrictions

Because of the drought we are on Level 2 Water Restrictions which means;
No hosing of lawns and gardens except hand-held hosing BEFORE 10.00 AM and AFTER 4.00 PM on Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays.
No filling of NEW or RENOVATED pools greater than 10,000L except with a permit from Sydney Water.
No sprinklers or watering systems AT ANY TIME
No hosing of hard surfaces including vehicles AT ANY TIME.

So today, I am walking to the station and I pass a lady in her garden watering with a hose. It is Monday, so for one, it is illegal, but also we have just had rain all damn morning, so what the hell needed to be watered?? It did looked like she was hosing her concreting more than the plants, though. *sigh* It just pisses me off when people waste water, especially when there isn’t enough of it to go around.

A semi-busy day at work today, with lots of grooms, but not much else.

A huge storm hit at around 5pm. Apparently, it hailed in areas of Sydney, but we didn’t get any where I was – just lots and lots of rain. It kept work extremely quiet, cause who in their right mind, wants to visit the vet in the middle of a thunderstorm.

I lit my angel statue candle tonight, in honor of St Lucy. Lela was a little bit disturb by a virgin saint having a candle up her dress. She seemed to accept my explanation that St Lucy was a virgin by Christian standards which means she hadn’t had sex with a man. It was all the lesbian sex that made her glow from within. *evil grin* I think I ruined St Lucy and all the other virgin saints for Lela. I am SO going to hell.


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