The Pagan Calendar

Festival of Feronia, Juna, Minerval, and Jupiter (Roman).

Holy Day of Khnum (Egyptian), who is an ancient creator-god who fashioned the bodies of both gods and mankind upon his potter’s wheel. He is represented as ram-headed.

This is the first day of the runic fortnight of Jara, also called Jera. This rune represents the promise of a beneficial outcome. During this period, the world is able to manifest the slow, gradual emergence of something great. On a spiritual level, this is a time to work toward the inner germination of some seed within you, some part of the self that is growing quietly and in secret. The runic fortnight of Jara lasts from now through December 27th.

Today is Saint Lucy’s day in the Medieval traditions. She is a patron of virginity and a healer of eyes and eyesight. She also defends against the evil eye. Also called “Little Yule,” this is a festival of lights, when it’s traditional to brightly illuminate your home with lots of candles.


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