Stupid Pet Owners

I had a run in with two really stupid pet owners today.

Stupid Pet Owner #1 : I get a phone call asking if we are open tomorrow (Saturday). Yes, we are and I ask the caller to please make an appointment as we are really busy. The owner explains to me that his cat hasn’t eaten in over 3 days. This is really serious and I try to explain the seriousness of the situation to him, suggesting that he even comes in today. He tells me in all seriousness that he can’t come in today as his cat doesn’t like the rain and if it is raining tomorrow he won’t be able to come in either. This is why he can not make an appointment as he doesn’t know what the weather will be like. Sure, let your cat die, cause the cat doesn’t like the rain. What fucking difference does it make if the cat likes the rain or not?? You are driving him to the clinic in a car!

Stupid Pet Owner #2: Owner turns up with his cat 30 minutes before our afternoon consultation hours start. I explain to him that there is no vet on (Todd had gone AWOL again). He tells me that he knows that there isn’t. Riiiiight, why would you come to the vet when you know the vet isn’t here?? Owner then explains to me that his neighbour noticed the cat had injured his foot on Sunday. It is current 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon. The owner also passes on the information that his cat has cancer.
In order to get this git out of my clinic before I bitch slap him, I admit the cat into hospital. When Todd finally shows up, we examine the cat. There is a massive crater in the cat’s paw, which is extremely infected and smells absolutely awful. We then check the cat’s history. Turns out the cat was diagnosed with cancer of the nose and ears 6 months ago – the owners choose to do nothing about it. After many phone calls, the owner finally gives us permission to euthanize the cat. I might note that none of his conditions, including the cancer, were fatal. They just required money to fix. I had no sympathy for the owner or his wife, when they came down to say goodbye to the cat and started crying.

It appears that Egyptians Days for me causes an influx of stupid people at my clinic.


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