The Pagan Calendar

Sorry this is late, but I had to work the morning shift today…

Festival of the Mania (Roman), who is the Roman goddess of the dead.

Festival of Gwynn ap Nudd (Celtic), who is the south-Welsh god of the underworld.

Festival of the goddess Astraea in the Greek traditions. Her name means “Starry-One.” She is considered similar to Virgo. In one of the Greek creation myths, terrible evils are unleashed upon the earth when humans first discover how to use iron. One by one, the gods and goddesses abandoned humanity, disgusted by the crime and cruelty. Astraea, goddess of justice, innocence and purity, was the last to leave. In the story, the gods return to earth only after Neptune unleashes a deluge – a flood that sweeps the evil away. Now, does this myth sound familar??


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