Egyptian Torment

Today was truly a day of Egyptian Torment. I knew that karma would bite me in the ass today. It did and it took a large chunk of flesh.
I have this mole on my wrist that Lela has been harassing me to get looked at by a doctor as it has changed shape and color, but typical me, I haven’t. Well, the mole is no more as one of the kitten accidentally ripped the top of it off. I have a hole in my wrist now – and it’s kinda painful.
The day got progressively worse after this occurred. We had a dog named Cookie dropped off for grooming and this dog must be sedated in order to get anywhere near its legs. I told the lady that dropped it off that it would be ready to go at 4pm and if it was ready sooner I would call. Since we had a monster day of surgery planned, plus two other grooms, I knew I would be pushing it to get it ready by 4pm. Anyway, the daughter of the lady who dropped Cookie off called at 1pm and wants to know when she will be ready to go home. I had done most of the clip, but the dog hadn’t been bathed, plus we had the tumor dog to operate on, so I guessed that maybe it might be done in about 2 hours time, but I would call when it was ready. I reminded her that I told her mum that Cookie would be done by 4pm. The tumor dog surgery was a complete disaster, in that whatever could go wrong did, the dog stopped breathing, we had trouble finding enough skin to close the wounds etc. It was a nightmare and took forever – so I didn’t even a chance to look at Cookie much less finish her. The daughter calls again at 3pm, just as we were about to finish the surgery and screams, yells and abuses me that her dog isn’t ready to go home. I was so proud of myself for not even raising my voice, I just calmly explained that we had a very long and difficult surgery and that her dog would be ready to go home when I originally said at 4pm. She abused me some more and hung up. Lovely. It was hard finding the motivation to make Cookie look nice. I did manage to get it done, plus my other two grooms and get my ass out of the door by 4:15pm.
My whole day was one interruption after another and more stupid clients. I really wish we had a receptionist or even a junior on, who can take care of things like stupid people and let me get on with the work that has to be done. I hate being interrupted and I get really stressed out when I am. It isn’t pleasant.

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