Abuse and SPOs

Nothing bad happened to me today – so much for that Egyptian Day of Torment. Although now I have insulted it, I will probably get bad karma biting my ass tomorrow.
I did have an influx of stupid clients today though. Firstly a lady that rings up the clinic and asks me if I am the nurse or the vet. I tell the truth, that I am the nurse. She then says, “I don’t want to talk to you. I want to talk to the vet about whether I should bring my dog in or not.” Well, sorry for fucking existing. Actually, I am more than qualified to tell her if her dog needs veterinary attention – that’s a large part of my job.
Then we get a guy in with his Australian terrier to examine a tumor that has began to split. This mammary tumor is almost larger than the dog. It goes from the dogs’ belly and stops about an inch away from the ground. Why, it has taken him this long to do anything is completely beyond me. He had a whole sob story about being on dialysis and this dog being the only thing worth living for. Now, this dog is not a young dog and I hold grave hopes about this dog surviving the surgery. So that should add to the excitement quota for tomorrow.
An update on the dying from heart failure dog I wrote about last week, well, it is still alive and now going for short walks in the park. He is looking great, but his owners are arseholes, and as the vet said, they don’t deserve to have this dog survive. You do not turn up at 6:50pm without an appointment and expect your dog to be groomed and given a battery of tests and you certainly don’t abuse the vet nurse either. Then when you do bother to book your dog in for a day in hospital, you don’t wait until 6:45pm to pick it up! They honestly have no idea how severe the condition that their dog has and were horrified to learn that it won’t live until it is 14. If it sees its next birthday, it will be a miracle. Gods, people piss me off. Hmmm… maybe I did have that Egyptian Day of Torment after all, and I haven’t even started to go on about the weird rehab Slavic man we have working at our clinic three days a week now.

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