Last night, whilst rousing the dogs to go to bed, I accidentally slammed my little toe into the solid couch base. Extremely painful. Toe throbbed the whole night. This morning, I have this swollen red painfully numb appendage on the side of my foot, previously known as my little toe. I don’t think it is broken as it is not jutting out at a weird angle, but gods, it is sore. I can’t walk properly either *sigh* I will go and do stupid things like running into the couch. To add to my injury tally, I also slammed my index finger in the glass door of the entertainment unit, so I have a lovely huge blood blister just below my cuticle. Now that it has stopped hurting, it looks kinda cool. I want to pop it, but I don’t think that is the best thing to do.

Watched “Crash & Burn” this morning – damn that is a good episode, very Sara-centric.


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