My Paris CD arrived in the mail today. I am very, very excited about this. I first discovered Paris back in 1990 when I was still an active musical theatre geek and actress. It got a small limited release, was never staged and seemed to die a quiet death soon afterwards. However, I loved it! It was one of the most inspiring and just musically gorgeous musicals written. Fast forward 14 years – and it has been re-released and had some new numbers added to it.
Paris, for those of you who have not clicked the link already, is a musical about the Trojan war focusing both on the war itself and the Greek gods involvement in it. It offers a very different look at the epic battle than does the movie “Troy”. However, both seem to concerntrate very much on the human side of conflict. Both these pieces have had me thinking alot recently about two subjects; Religion and Warcraft.
I will now do a LJ cut as I am going to get very ranty.

The Greek god mythology has always intrigued me from the first time I learnt about it as a 10 year old being dragged across Europe with her parents in a campervan. I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved the stories and the fact that they had a god for everything. It is little wonder that as soon as I was allowed to exercise free will over my religion (at age 16), I left the Christian church. It was too patriarchal for my liking. I just didn’t see where women fitted in, except for being man’s servant. I wanted a religion that was embracing of my gender, and later, of my sexuality.
For a while, in my early 20s, I explored Wicca. I loved the religion, but had ambivalent feelings about its followers. No one I met seemed like me. Email groups and web sites were full of either; teenage girls who had seen Buffy or Charmed, or later had read Harry Potter and thought that performing a few spells was all there was to know about the religion – in other words, it was a fashion accessory to them; or people whose grip on reality was tenuous to say the least – these people were seeing the Goddess in their bowl of cereal on a daily basis. If I did happen to actually find some “normal” pagans, they lived on the other side of the world and celebrated festivals at a completely different time of the year to me. Most email groups etc are northern hemisphere-centric, which is highly annoying to see the least. Thus, with no real peer group to connect with and converse with, my interest slowly wanned and died out. So I have been spiritually berefted for a number of years, but I dearly want to have some spiritual direction in my life. Might go out and see what the internet has to offer in the 21st Century.

Both Paris and particularly Troy offer a glimpse of the ancient rites of warcraft. Gods, how I wish this was still happening in 2004. It was such a more humane way to fight – if there could be one. You actually had to look a person in the eye to kill them. They weren’t just a spot on a computer screen or an image through a gun scope. They are a living breathing person standing just inches from you. War stopped during the nighttime and to collect the dead and conduct funeral rites. These days, the bombs rain down indiscriminately during the night and no one seems to care about the dead laying the streets. Neither side has any respect for the other and its culture. If they did, I doubt there would be half the wars going on today. Wars – they always have been and always will be a stupid display of testosterone.


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