My brand new 120G USB external hard drive is now up and running. I brought it a week ago and couldn’t get the damn thing to work. I ended up reinstalling all my USB drivers, installing Windows XP SP2 and hours googling tech forums – and all because I didn’t push in the power cable enough. *sigh* Next time I will remember to check that.
I am now having fun transferring all my MP3s, CSI episodes and fanfic over to my new little HDD, who is happily sitting on top of my computer tower clicking away to itself.

I have also tracked down a copy of the season 3 CSI ep “Crash and Burn”, so that is also downloading to my new HDD. Finally, I will get to see that car scene that everyone has been talking about and which features in almost every Cath/Sara fanfic written. Got another 8 hours to go until my download is complete.

I didn’t end up writing any fanfiction of the current cathandsara challenge. I have an idea kicking around my head about doing a Catherine character piece. Mainly because I haven’t really written anything from Catherine’s POV. I just find writing Sara a lot easier – it is easy to slip into her mind’s view. I struggle with Catherine, I guess I just don’t understand what makes her tick yet.


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