Rescue Madness

My vet clinic does a lot of work for dog rescue groups. We do cheap desexing for them plus whatever else they need at pretty much cost price. It is kinda nice helping pound dogs. However, there are times when these rescue organisations lose sight of the bigger picture, which is to help as many dogs as possible. One rescue group we are working with seems to have decided to toss the whole picture out. In the last two months, they have rescued three dogs with bone infections that require up to $1000 worth of surgery and medication each. That is $3000 on three dogs. $3000 would save 15 other dogs. If that isn’t irritating enough, a case came in today that had the whole clinic in a state of shock. An ex-rescue dog had been hit by a car and now requires surgery costing up to $3000. The current owners can not afford this. So, the rescue group is taking the dog on and is going to pay for all of its surgery and after care costs. WTF?? This dog is no longer their responsibility, so why on earth are they putting up their hand to pay for the bill?? I should add this here, this rescue group already owes us $2500. They don’t have the money to be going around doing this kind of thing. Yes, the dog is a great dog – but so are 15 other dogs sitting in the pound, that are now going to be put down. It is pure madness.


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