Work Update

Haven’t had a work update for a while. In the past week or so, Coco has been adopted – by one of our work experience girls. Also little Liam went to his new home on the weekend. Chuckie, the parrot, also went back home on the weekend. It is now much quieter at work – and less cats around too. Momma Cat and two boy kittens (Warrick and Grissom) are now the only ones left. Sara is also with us, but she has a home to go to at Xmas time.
We had a King Charles Cavalier in yesterday with congestive heart failure and hypothermia. This meant that we had to do some intensive nursing and monitoring – and also that we couldn’t put on the air conditioner. It was 30C outside, yet we have a dog who couldn’t maintain his body temperature. So he was on a heat mat in a portable cage next to the open back door for most of yesterday. It took to 4pm to raise his temperature enough that we could put the air conditioner back on. Doing 5 grooms and having two hair dryers going with no air conditioner is pure hell. We are taking bets on when the dog is going to die. Morbid I know, but the dog has a fatal condition and all we are doing is prolonging his pain. The dog isn’t going to get better. Although having said that, I bet the dog is going to be well enough to go home today and will live for another couple of months. Either that or he will be dead.


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