In The Dark

Title: In The Dark
Author: Riayn
Rating: M
Challenge: Without A Trace Episode Titles
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I just checked and they are still not mine.
A/N: This idea was kicking around in my head for the last challenge, but never made it into the written form until this week. And yes, I did break one of my rules, but my muse made me do it.

“I think you need to leave.”

I had never heard such beautiful words. Six simple words that made all the pain and fear stop in an instant and made me feel safe. I don’t know how she found me. I guess the rumour mill at work had gone into overtime when it was discovered that Sara Sidle had a social life.

“Get the hell off her and leave.”

Then I heard the cocking of a gun. He must have heard it too as he withdrew from inside me and rolled off. I heard him staggering to his feet and running away. The next thing I knew a blanket was being wrapped around me and I found myself cradled in her arms. Tears rolled down my face washing away the fear, the shame, the guilt and the humiliation. As thankful as I was that it was her that found me, I was also embarrassed. I wanted her to see me as a strong and capable woman. I wanted her to burst into the room and find me beating the crap out of him. Instead I was lying on the floor, naked with my eyes closed, not fighting back, just wishing it would be over.
She murmured comforting words into my ear, telling me I was safe, that it was all over. I knew that, but still I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t face the reality of what had happened. If I kept it in the dark and hidden, no one would need to know. It wouldn’t be real, just some nightmarish memory that would keep me awake at nights.

The cocoon of my illusion was shattered when she radioed for help. This wouldn’t be my secret. I was now a piece of evidence to be dissected and examined. Everyone at the lab would know the intimate details of my life. It would be clinically recorded and then filed away. I am no longer Sara Sidle, CSI. I am Sara Sidle, rape victim.


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