He Saw, She Saw

My muse has struck again. She has been working overtime lately.

He looked at her and he saw a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful mind. It was rare that he would interact with someone as intelligent as him, someone who scientific knowledge rivalled his. Someone who read the same unknown scientific journals and knew his obscure quotes from long dead authors. Even rarer was the fact that both of them were completely alienated from the rest of human society. He would watch her in the break room surrounded by her co-workers, and even though she would smile at their jokes and tease them about their latest dates, she seemed removed from it all. He watched her watching them like they were her latest science experiments and wondered if he would ever meet anyone else who just didn’t seem to fit in. He envied her ability to empathise with humanity, her strong emotions when it came to crimes against women. He wanted to feel what she felt.
He looked at her and he saw love.

She looked at her and she saw one of the sexiest women she had ever seen. Those long slender legs captivated her imagination and she had thought about what they would feel like wrapped around her waist more times than she’d ever admit. She loved watching her. Spying on her as she bit her bottom lip whilst peering down a microscope and sneaking glances at her at meetings as she furrowed her brow trying to solve the case on her own. She would spend ages trying to find an opportunity to compliment her just to witness that shy little smile. Gods, her smile. What she wouldn’t do to be on the receiving end of a Sidle smile. That irresistible smile that would turn her insides into liquid.
She looked at her and she saw love.


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