Stray Dog

Lela came home from walking the dogs this morning, with a third dog. It apparently ran across 2 lanes of traffic to join Lela, Caleb and Rory on their morning walk, and then it didn’t want to go home. Both Lela and I tried scaring it off with spray bottles of water, but time and time again the dog returned. Lela gave up and headed to work, and I honestly thought that the dog would get bored sitting on our front door mat and wander off. He didn’t. I gave it one more try of the spray bottle, but the big boofy dog decided to chase a cat, visit the Irish Setters around the corner and then return to our front door mat. I decided at that point to call the Rangers (Animal Control). About an hour later, they showed up. Now these Rangers were the Australian version of Annemarie Lucas and Joann Sandano from Animal Precinct. Lucas and Sandano have a bit of a fan following in our house. We just love those girls. Anyway, Lucas puts a lead on the dog and then asks me if I own it. Umm, no, I would be the one who called to say there was a stray dog. Meanwhile, the stray dog and my guys are rubbing noses through the screen dog and the stray dog looks extremely happy to be here. Sandano scans the dog for a microchip (he has one!) and tells me to stay where I was whilst she went to check it. Where did she think I was going to go? I was in my PJs at the time. I guess they didn’t believe me that it wasn’t my dog. Lucas and I get talking about Caleb and his silly tail whilst Sandano is off checking out the microchip. The microchip came back as unregistered, so the dog had to go off to the pound. I hope the poor dog is able to find his way back to his owners. He was such a sweet boy. Obviously he loved my dogs as he spent a total of 31/2 hours sitting on our front door mat.


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