Work has been almost dead this week, which is typical when we have work experience kids in. We have barely seen a client all week. However, I have been kept amused by the residents. Nick and Sara, the kittens, have new homes, although Sara isn’t leaving until the 22nd December – she is a Xmas present. Little Liam is still going strong, but he is so incredibly tiny. He is only the size of a small guinea pig, and possesses an amazing ability to be directly under your feet at all times. I am so scared that I am going to step on him. Liam also loves dogs. The other kittens hiss and get themselves all worked up, whilst Liam goes up to them and introduces himself to them. I might see how my two dogs go with him when they come into work on Saturday for a bath.

Coco, our clinic cat, has gone from being standoffis and aggressive to an affectionate snugglemonster. The wonders of a near-death experience, perhaps? Today, whenever I sat down I would have Coco in my lap, doing that funky cat kneading thing with his front paws, madly purring away and trying to nestle in closer. I was expecting him to attack any minute, but he genuinely seemed to like getting pats. Coco spent part of the afternoon asleep in the towel cupboard and a frustrating 30 minutes trying to sleep in the full clothes basket, whilst I was trying to fold the washing. Damn cat! This from the cat that only a month ago, would attack me on sight. I still have the scars on the back of my hands. I am now his new best friend it would seem.

Chuckie, the corella, is still staying with us. She has now become a TV addict. She is a huge Sesame Street fan, which I guess for a parrot is understandable, all that music and those high pitch muppet voices. However, she loves Days of Our Lives. If you dare try to change the channel during Days she screams, which I found out the hard way. She gets really engrossed during it and you don’t hear a peep out of her whilst it is on. There are some programs she hates; the news is one of them and Kerri-Anne Kennelly’s morning show is the other. She will scream the place down until someone comes and changes the channel.

Yes, it has indeed been a fun week.


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