Another fun day traveling Cityrail. My train to work which was announced to be going to Bankstown terminated at Ashfield, so I had a nice wait for a train that would actually take me to work.
The journey home was even better. The 7:05pm train was canceled, and the 7:15pm didn’t show up until 7:31pm and then it ended up being an express train, so I had to change at Ashfield for an all stations train *sigh*. No explanations were given for either of my trains. I guess Cityrail has stopped trying to make up excuses. The trains don’t run when it is hot, cold, raining or windy and usually are delayed when conditions are normal. It is getting beyond a joke. To make matters worse, there is not another state election until 2007, so nothing is going to get done until then. There are plans to have a customer ‘No Pay Day’ next Monday as a way of protesting the current conditions. However, I can see Cityrail using it as a great excuse to fine everyone and get even more money out of us for non-existing services. Since I get either my ticket checked by transit police or questioned by regular police every single day, I am going to buy my ticket. My bank balance can’t handle a $200 fine.


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