Stupid Shop Assistant

I lost my left contact lens on Wednesday morning, fortunately, I had an old lens so no harm was done. Still, I decided I should order a new left lens in so I don’t lose my old one and not be able to see. I thought this was going to be a simple process. Go in, order my lens and a few days later get a phone call telling me to pick it up. It hasn’t been.
I went yesterday at 10am, ordered my lens, debated with the shop assistant about the type of lens I wanted even though it is the only contact lens listed on my file and left the shop. I got a phone call 20 minutes later, the shop assistant didn’t realise I wanted a permanent lens rather than the disposable ones, so I have to go and pay a deposit. I am grumpy, but after class, I go back to the shop. I get the same woman again, but it takes me 5 minutes to explain who I am and why I am there. She finally remembers. I ask her how much it is going to cost and she tells me that the two lenses will cost about $300. I remind her that I only want the left lens. She has no idea how much that will be, but will find out and call me tomorrow morning. I pay a deposit of $50, get a receipt and leave.
Fast forward to this morning. The same shop assistant calls me and tells me that the two lenses will cost $300. I breathe deeply and try not to yell at her as I calmly explain that I only want the *left* contact lens. That will cost me $150. I can just see that when the lens finally comes in, there will be two of them… *sigh* Is it that difficult?? Am I the only person to lose one contact lens and want to order a replacement?


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