Animal Antics

Coco is still alive, no one has the heart to put him down at the moment.

Momma Cat and the kittens are all doing very well. The kittens have become even more mobile and playful, and the cat room has turned into one huge kitten playroom that usually spills over into the treatment room. Nick has proven himself as the biggest snuggler of the litter. I had him on my lap and he was laying on his back with his little feet in the air wanting me to rub his belly. He got very upset when I had to stop and go back to work. He saw me walk past the cat room later on in the day and bounded out to say hello and get cuddles and then tried to follow me around. So damn cute. I want to kidnap him and bring him home.

I also managed today to get Chuckie to dance with me. Kerri is extremely jealous. For the past three days, she has spent all her free time trying to get Chuckie to dance with her and Chuckie just gives her death stares. I told Kerri it was because I told Chuckie that I wasn’t going to compete with her for the men. :)

My bosses are the best. They gave me a $50 gift certificate to say thank you for working last friday week when Kerri had to go to a funeral. How nice is that!


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