Divine Intervention

Today was D-Day for Coco, our clinic cat. No one wanted to give him a home, and he was becoming increasingly aggressive to staff members and downright predatory to kids. I was just carrying Mickie, a poodle who had leg surgery from the OR to his cage for monitoring when Kerri and Jess were preparing Coco for euthanasia. Kerri found a vein and inserted the needle full of Lethabarb, but could not administer the dose as the syringe plunger seemed to be stuck. She withdrew the needle and turned around to get another one, when we completely lost power – no lights, no phones, no electricity. It was pitch black! Someone upstairs must have wanted Coco to live to see another day. With no power, we couldn’t do anymore surgery, so Todd and Kerri left and stayed behind to wait for the electricity to come back on. We have no torches at work, so I had to monitor Mickie using a Wood’s Lamp, a UV light.
Had a good bitch to Ahmed who owns the Indian Restaurant next door and Joe, the dentist upstairs as we sat around waiting for power to be restored.
Three hours later, the power came back on. We managed to get our remaining surgery done before hometime.

We also have an 18 year old Corella named Chuckie staying with us a 3 weeks. Chuckie is female and is currently on heat – she hates women at this time and will launch into attack mode if you get to close to her. Chuckie loves Todd though, she will sing and dance around her cage for him – and when he holds his hands in the air and says, “Wings”, she will hold her wings out. She will even talk to him. The best Kerri and I got were a few whistles and lots of death stares.


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