Cindy Lauper meets Bluegrass

I went out to the Metro last night to see Gillian Welch. I am not a fan, but Lela is, so I was fulfilling my dutiful girlfriend role by accompanying her to the gig. The crowd was not what I expected, there was no big hair or rhinestones – well, okay there was some but they were in the minority. There was also a small queer contingency there as well – probably had something to do with the small subsection of people that find women who play the banjo sexy. The support act was Tim Rogers, who did a wonderful set full of humor and references to the living under the flight path.

The main act was of course Gillian Welch and her partner David Rawlings. Dave’s guitar skills were just amazing, I was totally blown away. I was a little disturbed though that both Gillian and Dave had the same hairstyle – shoulder length hair parted in the middle. Gillian’s style of music is bluegrass/country/folk that is really depressing and full of references to God. She had two uptempo pieces – one about a woman murdering a man who raped her whilst her husband was away and the second one about dying and finally knowing what the Bible is about. Oh yes, feel the happiness.

The ultimate highlight of the night was Dave doing a folk ballad version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on the acoustic guitar. It was priceless. I was laughing so much I was crying. I SO want a bootleg copy of that song. It also gave the night an interesting progression – depressing religious bluegrass, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and back to depressing religious bluegrass.

It was quite a long gig, started at 8:30pm and finished up about midnight. My knee really, really didn’t like standing for that length of time, and I am paying the price for it today. Only 7 weeks to go until I get some physio done on it.


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